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" Keyword research is a key to find how do the customers search about your service "

Keyword research helps in improving your business

Content writing is a job of potential and it is quite important to make your content attract your target group. However, it is not just about writing well and providing informative content. It is also essential to make sure that your content bears keywords that people will find. Now, keyword means the word or the phrase that people search with when finding a specific item on the web. Keyword research tools are made for making you select the right keyword for your topics.

There are several topics and thousands of articles doing their bit in the web world. However, each of them may not draw the attention of the target group. It is first essential to select the niche you are comfortable in or the niche you want to promote through web. The keyword research tool is then going to tell you the possible keywords people are searching on the web. These tools derive their results from the previous search data on web and they are more or less correct in every case.

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It is essential to choose the right tool from the available list and research well before you start writing on a topic. While there are so many options available on the web here are some of the most popular keyword research tools you can check out.

  • Worktracker
  • Google Alerts
  • Keyword Discovery
  • Good Keywords
  • Google Suggest

The above mentioned keyword tools work on a different mechanism. While some just require you to enter the topic and tell you the trending keywords, some with ask you to enter keyword and search other related options doing much better on the web.

While writing based on a keyword, it is essential to understand that the most popular keywords have more completion. This means, people are writing on the popular topics and using the same set of keywords. You can also choose some keywords which are in the middle of the list and you may see your articles doing better as far as traffic generation is concerned. You can check out the keywords that rank from 40 to 200 and make your writing an interesting one to gather more traffic towards your website or blog.

Tips for Using the Keywords

There are certain tips that may come handy while using the keywords you choose. You can check if the keyword is intersecting with some recent occasion or celebration and write something combining the two. This will generate more traffic during the season of occasion and your articles and blogs and even the content of web pages will do their bit in getting business.

It is advantageous to use your keywords in the title of the articles and blogs and even in the first sentence or paragraph. Make your article search engine friendly but never overdo with the same. You can use the keyword as per its length and the density shall lie between 2 to 5 percent of the total word count. Long tail keywords may often do quite good in getting particular traffic to the page. While using all these tips and tricks, remember that you are the author of the blog or articles and quality of your writing shall never suffer due to the use of keywords.

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