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" How can Social Media Integration Help in Your Marketing "

Social Media integrations

The bigger picture of social media integration makes it clear that social media is or never was a solo act. Today, social media and conversation marketing can largely transform brands in a way that no other communication methodology could have done previously. This is because social media presently changes the basic nature of customer/brand relationships.

Conversation marketing and social media have become inefficient vehicles, today. It is hardly possible to achieve economization of scale when you develop customer relationships on a small-group or individualized basis. We must consider how we can add social media components to our present marketing initiatives, instead of using social media as a "free-standing" tactic.

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The time has come to start utilizing social networking for the amplification of article writing and article marketing efforts. The only social networks, till a few decades back, were built at dinner parties, coffee shops, business conferences, and any other places where people got together, met and conversed. While that kind of networking is still there, social networking via the internet, like Twitter and Facebook, has forever altered the way in which we communicate with our friends, colleagues, peers, and even family. As the popularity of social networking has grown, individuals as well as businesses have discovered ever-rising value in the expansion of their networks on the web.

Social networking, once amalgamated with promotional techniques like article marketing, can drastically and entirely alter the effectiveness of any promotional program. However, social networking, just like article marketing, needs a well-orchestrated plan as well as an effective schedule for efficient execution.

The plan of interacting with a purpose should have three principal objectives:

1.Listen: We must listen and learn from others how they actually utilize the platform for communication and how they avoid committing the most common social networking mistakes.

We can listen to others for ideas for the next set of our articles. Listening is very crucial for the development of our own personality and voice for meaningful and fruitful communication. It is essential to listen to competition and find out what they are up to.

2.Connect: The social networking accounts of an article writer can be added to the "bio" sections of renowned article directories after publishing articles there. Clicking on the drop-down menu titled "Social Media" and selecting the networking site/s that writer uses suffices.

Befriending or following people with similar likings and interests helps immensely. Authors and writers who are connected to social networks can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

3.Speak: A writer can automatically make Twitter posts of all his new article submissions to article directories and article banks as and when they get approved.

There are renowned Facebook App Developers in Chennai who have developed apps that help writes in joining conversations related to their niche and subsequently in positioning themselves as experts. These app developers claim, "We also design Facebook cover page and Facebook App". Writers are thus able to explore applications that syndicate their posts across all social media including Facebook.

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