Top 10 video production company in New York

Top 10 video production company in New York

1.Good Brother

Good Brother is a video production agency located in DUMBO/Brooklyn, NY. We create commercials, films, documentaries, and virtual reality experiences. We love projects that promote the products and services of brands and organizations that are trying to make the world better. Whether it is a product meant to improve happiness or service geared toward sustainability, we want to help you engage your audience. When you hire Good Brother, you are hiring us to be the video production company of your videos. We bring the producer, director, and the rest of the crew. Additionally, we can handle the concept, copy, and post-production, which means we essentially do it all. However, even with all of our in-house capabilities, our videos typically require hiring 10-30 talented freelancers to assist with content creation. We bring on camera crews, sound engineers, stylists, makeup artists, etc

2.Tiny Giraffe Pictures

Tiny Giraffe Pictures is a New York-based creative production company, run by Daniel Sorochkin and Mitchell Lazar.  At Tiny Giraffe Pictures, we specialize in creating high-end, story-driven content, tailored to any platform that can engage any audience.  Our creative content work includes commercials, branded content videos, social media content, photography, promotional videos, interviews and testimonials, short films, TV pilots, web series, music videos, landing page videos and more. We produce story-driven content that garners millions of views online, wins awards, and gets featured in major publications.We’re unique. Our flexible operation allows us to accommodate every client’s needs to achieve its goals. We create powerful, engaging and entertaining projects of all sizes and scopes.


More and more, businesses depend on the internet as a medium for growth and brand development. With billions of people online these days, the best way to reach them is to be online as well. Social media alone has connected us in ways that no one dreamed possible in the 1990s. Today’s search engines have made the Yellow Pages seem like an archaic tomb. Our ability to utilize the internet as a marketing tool provides valuable information.  When executed correctly, the internet can benefit any small to medium-sized businesses looking to be more successful. That’s where NuStream Media can help.NuStream Media was founded on nine years of experience in advertising and marketing. Based out of Allentown, PA, we aim to assist small- to medium-size businesses in the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, New York, and surrounding areas. Our services allow our customers to gain the edge they need to stand out and grow in their markets using print, online, and visual marketing methods.

4.Flow Production and Post

Flow’s founder started out, as many filmmakers do, as a kid with no experience and no video equipment. Rather than go to film school, he chose the school of hard knocks and dove headfirst into writing and directing his own films. After placing highly in a number of filmmaker competitions for various short films, he moved on to writing and directing a feature-length film that garnered him worldwide attention and millions of video downloads. It wasn’t long before he was directing and shooting television commercials for some of the largest companies in the world, including ESPN, Denny’s, Aquafina, Interactive Brokers, The Wall Street Journal and more. His video production work has been honored with countless best-in-television awards, including seven National Telly awards in 2013.

5.Indigo Productions 

Indigo Productions is a New York City creative production company working across numerous channels and categories.We create dynamic motion pictures for some of the world’s most admired brands.Our all-star team of writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers handles projects of nearly every scale and genre, from single-camera studio interviews to multi-camera, multi-crew commercial shoots, in multiple locations around the world.

6.Top-Notch Cinema

We Focus Specifically on Your Businesses! No matter the size of your business, Top Notch Cinema SPECIALIZES in helping to elevate and expand your brand. We’ve worked with T- Mobile, Dollar Shave Club and Four Seasons, just to name a few. But we’ve also worked with numerous smaller businesses, helping them to reach a broader audience and draw more attention to their brands. The bottom line, helping to grow your business via video is our focus and what we specialize in.

7.Faithful Dog Digital

Faithful Dog Digital empowers businesses by producing incredible Promotional Website Videos, Social Media Videos, Live Event Videos, Television Commercials, Video Training Programs, and Executive Communication Series. Every day our highly trained teams of videographers, editors, photographers, copywriters, graphic artists, public relations and marketing professionals collaborate with clients to thoughtfully formulate, craft, launch, and fuel marketing plans and internal campaigns with content that delivers results. Want some proof? Read our Client Testimonial Panel to the left!

8.Max curious 

Max Curious Productions develops, produces, and edits compelling and effective videos for television, businesses, and the web.Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients based on the quality of our work, trust, and client satisfaction. We want to produce amazing work and exceed our client’s expectations.


From creative brainstorming through post-production, our streamlined processes ensure that our clients and partners receive an effortless, personalized experience each and every time.If you’re here, it’s because you know the importance of video marketing. Brands can no longer get by using written content and images alone — nowadays, that’s uninteresting and unengaging for consumers who are inundated with live streaming, interactive 360 videos, augmented reality, and more. In the United States, digital video marketing


At Miller/Datri Entertainment, our art is born from our obsession to explore what human potential looks like at its max, in every imaginable setting, every imaginable context, and every imaginable community.Co-founded by a Forbes 30Under30 honoree in marketing, and the former CEO of the American Advertising Federation, M/DE is a video production studio obsessed with the exploration of human potential through advertising and film.M/DE weaves brands into powerful human stories with universal appeal. We tell stories to stir human empathy and impetus. Our mission is to explore human potential, and to inspire it through powerful lasting impressions.