Top 10 Video Production Company in Portland Oregon

Top 10 Video Production Company in Portland Oregon

If you are looking for a website, you must need an explainer video of your business. It will be very useful for one who wants to know about your product or service. When we create a website at our web designing company in Chennai, we get video assets from video production companies. Here listed out top 10 video production companies in Portland Oregon. If you want we can customize our services.


REX offers a high value, customized audio, video and post-production experience. We’ve earned a reputation for top quality media work supporting clients in the Northwest, nationally and internationally. Our team turnkey approach focuses on delivering client messaging appropriately to target audiences in a variety of corporate, entertainment, educational or informational projects.REX has been a staple in the production field since 1953. It began as the recording arm of KWJJ radio. The current owner Russ Gorsline purchased REX in 1972, further establishing REX as a top Northwest recording facility. Russ had a dream of adding video post-production for many years and fulfilled that in 1990, making REX a full-service post house. Video production services were in full swing by the end of the decade.

 2.LightBox Flim Works

The center of any great film is a great concept. Through extensive research and brainstorming, we will develop the concept that makes your message irresistible. When vision becomes a reality. Since our experienced directors and cinematographers work directly with our pre­production team, your vision will be executed flawlessly. Brilliance lives in the details. Our editors, animators, and sound engineers meticulously craft your story until it’s truly cinematic.


Voxity is a full-service production company based in Portland, OR. We make video content for businesses and non-profits, which is distributed online and through social media. Our core team has worked on movies and TV shows for major Hollywood studios and for brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Adidas. Whether you’re trying to raise awareness about your business, fundraising for a good cause, or launching a new product, we’re ready to use our creative sensibilities to help you accomplish your goals.

4.Light motive films

We at Lightmotive Films are documentary filmmakers who specialize in presenting the stories of companies and organizations. We collaborate with you to discover and highlight your company’s outstanding characteristics and accomplishments.We then take those elements and craft a video that is tailor-made for your audience, one that leverages your company’s authenticity and distinction to increase future sales. Whether your company is in industry, architecture, design, education, or the arts, Lightmotive films will work with you to create the next level of success for your business.

 5.Person people

We believe that real, human stories are the single most effective tool we have for connecting with each other. This belief is at the core of every single video we make. By telling these stories, we can create emotional bonds between brands, products, organizations, and their target audience. That’s what matters to us.We split our time between partnering with amazing clients for all of their video content needs and creating award-winning original documentaries. We work with advertising agencies and marketing firms, as well as clients directly. Already know what you want? Great, we can make it for you! Need help finding the right approach? We’ll put in the time to understand who you are, why you matter, and how to perfectly package your story. Our specialty is cinematic, engaging video content. However, we know that’s just a piece of the puzzle. Whether it’s additional brains to help discover your story, or digital wizards to place your dazzling new video content in front of the right folks, we know who to call.

 6.Pictone Media

 The difference between a successful lasting business and a one-hit-wonder is determined by how well you tell your brand’s story. At Pictone Media that’s exactly what we do. We’re passionate about telling your local community or the world about your business’s story. A story that connects the hearts and minds of your customers and followers, creating an everlasting bond and loyalty to your brand. This is how success happens in an ever-changing digital world.

 7.Digital Wave

Digital Wave was born in 1994 when founders Wayne and Holly Paige traded successful careers as a television photojournalist (Wayne) and television newscaster (Holly) to bring their personal touch and creative energy to work one-on-one with clients.Since then, our Portland, Oregon-based company has lived up to its name, smoothly cresting the booming “wave” of technology and growth in the digital and video industries to meet the evolving needs of our customers with creative enthusiasm and cutting-edge technology.When you work with Digital Wave, you know you are in the hands of experts who care about creating a beautiful, high-impact final product, and care about the relationship we build while doing it. Our partnership with you is what we value above all. Many of our clients have been with us for years, a testament to our philosophy of “putting people first.”

8.Local Eyes

At LocalEyes, we understand that.The perfect blend of storytelling and promotion that maximizes your marketing dollars.That’s why we work closely with our clients to craft custom video marketing strategies and videos that are perfectly balanced and drive results.Of course, the experience of crafting an effective video should also be enjoyable.Let our team of talented creatives lead you through the entire process – we’ll make it easy!

 9.Blue Chalk Media

Blue Chalk Media is an award-winning production company founded by people who believe in the power of nonfiction visual storytelling.Since our founding in 2013, we’ve produced over 700 videos and garnered more than 100 awards for clients such as Time Inc., Carnegie Corporation of New York, the higher education division of Pearson, the Food Network and marketing agencies or companies such as Siegel+Gale, T Brand Studio of The New York Times, Nike, and over 95 others.Blue Chalk operates around the world having completed projects on six of the seven continents. While recognized for its cinematic videography and editing, the heart of all Blue Chalk creative is the care taken in choosing characters whose stories are authentic and powerful. The goal is to apply the techniques and perspectives of the documentary filmmaker or photojournalist to all the work we do. The first documentary feature film from Blue Chalk releases in 2019.

 10.Silverman Studios

These days, anyone can shoot and edit videos, so why Silverman Studios?Our specialty is mixing the right amount of cinematic artistry and narrative storytelling that captures the heart and soul of your business.We’re not artsy-fartsy filmmakers, we’re modern storytellers who care as much about content as we do “depth of field”.We believe video is the most engaging medium to tell your story, build your brand, and attract more clients for your business.Jeff Silverman and Silverman Studios team have over 25 years of video experience with a focus on authentic storytelling in the digital age. We use a variety of advanced video production techniques including; aerial, time-lapse, animation, multi-camera interviews, DSLR, and GoPro action applications.