Why my Online Ads are not visible to my customers ?

Why my Online Ads are not visible to my customers ?

Want to know the top reasons for your online Ads not visible to your target customers? Here we will discuss the reasons not visible to customers in a simple way. As a web designing company in Chennai, we have good experience in making online ads for our clients. If you take an online ad it is mostly visible on search engines or social media based on user demographics, user behaviors, and interest.

1. Less Budget

The budget will come in two situations for online ads. Initially, Before creating a campaign we need to set a budget in our business account level. After that, We need to set a budget for a specific month or week campaign. The campaign budget will deduct from the account level. The daily budget will be deducted from the campaign level based on customer clicks. For Example) If you set a daily budget Rs 300 and cost per click Rs 10, then a maximum 30 clicks only done by your customer. After that, your customer can’t see your ad because of less budget in your daily budget.

2. Location

Every business has customers, they are located anywhere in the world. Any Online Ad Platform gives the option for targeting your customers geographically. They also provide targeting option with a specific radius of kilometers which is more helpful for local business. . For Example ) if you target your ad visibility within a 20km radius from your location, your customer should see your ad within a 20km radius location. If your customer searches for your product or service apart from a 20km radius, your customers can’t see your ad.

3. Schedule

Every business has its own business hours. Many online ad platforms provide dates but some platforms provide specific schedules based on shop opening time and closing time. If you are setting a campaign, you must set a scheduled end date based on your campaign budget. In our company, we executed one campaign for local businesses based on shopping working hours. If anyone searches for a product apart from working hours, your customers can’t see your ad.

4. Status

While executing your campaign for your business, it will be reviewed from an online ad platform. If you violating the policy of an online ad platform, your campaign will be rejected from the online platform. Finally, your customers can’t see your ad. If your ad is successfully approved, your campaign status will be active. As an Advertiser, you can control your campaign from online ad platforms. If you change your campaign status “Active” to “Pause“ mode, your customers can’t see your ad.

I hope you all understand the reasons behind online ads that are not visible to your customers. If you resolve your problems with your online advertising campaigns, you can share this article with your friends on social media or SMS. The above 4 reasons are the very basic level for a checklist for your online advertisement. If you have any doubts in your online advertisement, you can easily reach out by mail id support@webkites.in.We are happy to solve your problem with our knowledge.


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