How to spread your business brand using online banners

How to spread your business brand using online banners

Want to spread your business brand using online banners? You may have confusion with what type of banner, What size I need to use in what platform, and how to spread it on online platforms. As a web designing company in Chennai, we have 10 years of experience in making online banners. Here we will clear your confusion with a common checklist for making any type of design and how to pick a platform to spread your designs.

Before you Design

If you are running a B2C ( Business to Customer ) , you will sell products or services. You have to know about your customers. Before your Design, you must build a customer avatar which is also called a persona . Once you know about a customer you have to collect information about customer behavior, demographics, and interests in your mind. For Example ) If you want to know people’s interest on google, you can check google trends with the demographic locations.

Apply your Design

Now you recollect that customer information and take action with your design tools like photoshop, illustrator, and much more. Now you know your customers what devices are using more. You can define width size for your online banner. You need to design mobile and web separate banners. Check design principles like balance, alignment, whitespace, and repetition. Once you complete your design you ask your unknown friend for review purposes. They will find mistakes easily without knowing design principles. To know more about design principles check the standard designer community.

After your Design

Finally, you have to spread your design on different platforms based on your customer using platforms. Due to internet penetration, you have to go with an omnichannel approach for your business. For Example) If your customers are using an android phone they will surely use the play store. Now you can check the play store which app is trending and relevant to your customers. Generally, Social media Apps are trending all over the world. If you want you can check different social media banners dimensions from social media research insight using social media tools..

Start Spreading

I hope you are well cleared about online banners. Hereafter you can make your own decision for your organization or company brand to the people online. If you have any doubts feel free to ask us, we will respond to you. Don’t forget to share this article with your business friends using social media or SMS or word of mouth or any good way.