Easy to understand Web 1.0 Vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

Easy to understand Web 1.0 Vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

Nowadays in our Daily Internet Penetration is more when compared to 1991. Why I said 1991 means This time Only WWW – World Wide Web was found. First Website in World. Every Ten year Web World Releasing Versions. I working for web designing company in Chennai past 10 years. I will make you understand the difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0 and web 3.0. So that You predict web 4.0 also.

Web 1. 0

Right from the beginning of the World Wide Web. We used a website for information sharing. We used for connect information about the business. For Example, If you have One Own Hotel. Mostly Travellers or Rarely Local Peoples will Come to your Hotel. Before they visit the Store they can get to know about the pricing list and timings. This is One Way Communication. We can read the Data from the Web by making a simple static website.

Web 2. 0 

Web Industry has Developed very well. Internet Users also Increases. Good user Interface Browsers an Search Engines. We used the website for Interaction purposes.Mostly Interaction started on Social Media Websites. This Two Way Communications. We can Read and Write the Data on the Web. Now you reading this blog also an example of web 2.0.

Web 3. 0 

 Modern Web Industry has Developed Very Well. Internet users increase very well using various devices like Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, and Smart TV also. More User Generated Content only placed on Future Websites. For Example, the Famous Online Shopping Website does not have any Physical Store. Famous Online Delivery Website does not have any Hotel or Restaurant. This is Multi-way Communications. We can read and write data by the User itself.

Finally, We all came to know about Web 1.0 to 3.0. Now You are able to Predict Web 4.0 also. Understanding History is helpful for knowing the progress and improving your future. Thanks to everyone.Share with your Friends this blog. They also came to know about Web World.