Easy to understand HTTP vs HTTPS

Easy to understand HTTP vs HTTPS

In Real World connected over the Internet for communication and commercial purpose.Do you know the difference and importance between http vs https ? .I have been working at a web designing company in chennai for the past 10 years . I will help you to make understanding for you. Both are Protocols which means a set of rules and regulations of transmitting data between electronic devices.

How HTTP Works ?

http example website image

Example look of http Website

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.All your requests are easily traceable by hackers. Arun kumar is Retail Business owner. He wants a website so he requests http://www.webkites.in/contact-us  from the search engine  . Now the response will come from an unsecured registered server.In between responses anyone can steal information of arun kumar.

How HTTPS Works ?

https example webiste image

Example Look of HTTPS Website

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol with Secured Socket Layer. All your information is not traceable by hackers . If Arun kumar requests https://www.webkites.in/contact-us from search engine . In between anyone can’t steal information of arun kumar. It is more useful for arun kumar retail business and website development company owner.

How to check your website having HTTP or HTTPS ?

how to check my website is having http or https

STEP 1 : Wait for Loading your Complete Website
STEP 2 : Now you have copy your Address bar which is available at the top of the browser.
STEP 3: Paste it on a Separate Notepad File .
STEP 4: Now you can see Complete URL

Great I hope you understood the difference between http vs https. Here after when you search on google make sure that website is secured or not.If you have any doubts comment below we will answer quickly.