How to optimize your blog?

How to optimize your blog?

A Blog is a discussion or informational section that is posted on World wide Web. Blog posts will be appearing in the reverse chronological order which means most recent blogs will be appeared first.

The blog is also called as weblog. Weblog was originated by Jorn Barger in 1997. Later the term blog was coined by Peter Merholz.  A blog can have one or more writers.  A blog that contains one or more writers are called as Community blogs or team blogs.

Other types of  blogs are:

  •   Corporate and organizational blog
  •   Personal blog
  •   By media etc..

Blogs are also considered as a social networking service. Some sites allow visitors to leave comments and rating for the blog.

Bloggers not only post their blog content only on their site they also post on Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. By posting the blog on social networking sites help the bloggers to gain more traffic to their website. Blog combines text, images and link to the other site.

Microblogging is a type of blogging, which means small posts. Microblogging also known as microposts and earlier,  it was tumblelogs.

Benefits of Blog in Business:

  •   Drive traffic to your site.
  •   Boost SEO
  •   Inspire social network promotions
  •   Convert traffic in to leads


The blog is the best way to get more visitors to your website. Adding new content helps your site  to get indexed by Google. You can also post your website blog on social networks, it helps in driving more visitors.


The blog is the best way to update your site with new content. Search engine loves new content. By posting new content frequently you provide an opportunity to search engines to index your sites regularly.


By posting your blog or content in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ helps you to gain more web traffic. You can also join in bloggers group and post your blogs in the other bloggers group.


Now you can convert the visitors visiting your site into leads. Every new blog creates an opportunity to generate new leads. You can also a add call-to-action to your every blog post.

Famous Blog sites are:

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