SEO Trends In 2018

SEO Trends In 2018

It’s time to recheck and update all SEO tactics on our own website. We head to 2018, the SEO is becomingly more important to the business. And they need it to found on online.

Let’s discuss SEO trends in 2018,

HTTPS websites are more on page 1 of Google:

HTTPS implies that the safe and secure connections to the websites. One who want to add a secure connection to the website, they should buy an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. This can make the site visitor data are to be secured and encrypted.

The chrome has already started to implement the warning on sites for those who websites are not HTTPS. This leads to a bad user’s experience and diverts them from browsing on your website or even purchasing your services.

Move to HTTPS, after that, your visitors can assure that their information will not harm. So, that user’s experience will improve. This can leads to better SEO for your website.

More importance is given to mobile:

Smartphones are very grace among people, more traffic flows to any website through mobile phones only when compared to the desktop traffic flows. It won’t be an optional to have mobile-friendly websites.

Google search engines and users are required and excepted the mobile-friendly websites. It is one of the search engine ranking factor.

People Using Voice Search:

Voice search is one of the fastest growing types of query, but it’s not completely replacing traditional text search. It becoming more popular on all devices and it is used to gather all types of information to the users very fast and easily.

Here are some stats about voice search that will make you a voice believer,

By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches.

Google voice search queries were thirty five times greater in 2016 than they were in 2008.

Most of the teens and some percent of adults use voice search on a daily basis.

Serious about Siri: Most of the people use Siri at least once a day.

Caring For Rich Snippet:

Rich snippets and regular snippets need a more caring. Both have a good title, URL and Meta description. The properly formatted rich snippets get more clicks and get a high click-through rate. Which leads to potential sales.

Page Speed:

In today’s technology, people want everything as fast including information. In websites, if users are searching for any queries, they have to wait until the page loads. If the page does not load in 5 seconds. Users might be move on to the other website. In that situation, the particular website losing the traffic from the users. If it continues, the particular website will easily lose the ranking in the Google search engines. Google says the website should be load within 3 seconds or less than that.

You can check your website speed test at the Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

The Rise of Link less:

Backlinks are the boost to the SEO for the many years. While getting links from outside sources gave websites a good ranking in Search Engines. For, further Google robots are slowly taking away the power of backlinks.

Search engines now have the ability to connect mentions of brands, institutions, organizations, and people without the need of linking to their corresponding web pages.

While links are going to still carry some weight, the other content around the hyperlinked text is going to also be very important.


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