Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest social networking among the world, count of Facebook user is 1.5 billion as of 2016. Now a days marketers are paying attention to the Facebook for their businesses. It has sufficient amount of users through their social actions daily like comments, shares and updates, etc.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is nothing but, it helps our business to develop faster as soon. Your Facebook page is the one for all of your business needs. Customers can easily find you on Facebook.

Why is Facebook marketing important?

Facebook is one of the largest social media marketing for marketers via social interactions and brand pages that can take place on the network.

It is also a platform for a huge source of advertising capabilities.

A digital marketers can use for brand awareness.

When comparing to other social media platforms, it is one of the largest traffic sources for the company’s websites and brands.

Facebook Marketing
Advantages of Facebook marketing:

1.       Wider target customer reach

 First of all, Facebook is created for the college students, now it consists of millions of users around the world. Most users ranging starts from 35-54 years old. Anyhow, your business wants to target age bracket of users. It is the greatest way to reach them.

 2.       Multiple marketing platforms

It has multiple marketing platforms like pages, groups, ads, etc. By using it, we can promote our company brands. Basically pages on the Facebook are free for businesses, organizations and public figures. The difference is that, there are no restrictions for a user’s to “like” a company page. Meanwhile, groups on Facebook are like discussion forums that are designed with user wall format. Finally, the Ads are the paid social network’s marketing platform, it helps the businesses to reach their customers based on demographic. It can be very expensive for your business goals.

3.       Specific market targeting

 It also gathers a large amount of demographic information from its users other than having many active users. So, businesses can target their customers depend on virtually anything there is in a user’s profile.

4.       Budget friendly Ads

The social networking giant is also as a budget friendly, it allows users to set daily limits. Facebook’s advertising can run on either per-click basis or per-impression. Depends on businesses niche it also shows users closely connected ads open for demands.

5.       Business to customer relationship

 It is the one way to create and promote the community around a brand. It develops the two-way discussion between the brand owners/company owners and its customers, while providing platforms for additional marketing campaigns. It has proven itself to be powerful and flexible for any type of businesses with its many marketing platforms and features.

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