How To Improve Search Engine Rankings Through Images

How To Improve Search Engine Rankings Through Images

Image optimization is one of the main factors to rank on search engine. Some may not realize this, but images can generate 1000’s of traffic from image based search engines.

Now, I will discuss the how images help to rank on google search rankings.

Some of them are,

Alt tag:

When you see any kind of image like a baby crying, immediately you can recognize what’s going on the image.

But, the problem is search engine can’t understand at this time. For that purpose only we helping search engines by using alt text.


What is ALT text?

Which means it’s the text search engines can understand of images easily.

To include it, just add alt=” this is your alt text ” to your image tag.

For an example,

<img src=”baby-crying.jpeg” alt=”baby crying”/>

Very simple right!

Image Name:

First of all, you should name your images something right?  Yes! For example, if you are naming the image for your chudidhar dress product page as an abdrt6788fg.jpg, it leads to a poor search result. When google user searches for the chudidhar dress, it won’t display on search results.

If we use the correct image name like chudidhar-dress.jpg, it will be a good option. So, Google can easily understand what the content of image chudidhar dress and not the shirt dress.

Necessarily naming an image in a correct manner which leads to good results.

At last, use keywords in your image name for better results. Use hyphens instead of underscores to name images.

Image Size matters:

One of the ranking factors that google uses its ranking algorithm is page speed. Google’s algorithm is all about gives the best experience to the google users. So pages with longer load times are penalized. This provides to images as well.

The larger image is taken to load longer, which affects an image SEO. Use correct size images to upload. Before you upload images to any other sites. Don’t forget to check image size. The image size between 600 and 800 pixels wide should be about right.

If you want to upload a big size image, before that use image editor like Photoshop or any other software.

Unique Image:

Many of the people using stock images on their websites. But Google doesn’t want to rank the multiple copies of the same image. It likes to rank the multiple copies of the same text. If we are using the same image that found on some websites before we using, then why our images should rank?

Most importantly it affects online retailers, they will receive the images send by the manufacturers that same image they use to send who sells their Product and it has been copied by all who analysis it. So use unique images for good results.

By following these steps, the images helps to rank on Google.

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