Is SEO dead?

Is SEO dead?

Is SEO dead?

SEO is not DEAD until you do it correctly.

It is one of the most heated topics nowadays. First, what is SEO?


Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from the search results. This helps you in increasing the web traffic for your website. Techniques of Search engine optimization are on page and off page optimization.

Some techie says that SEO is dead, but some say it is alive.

SEO is a big industry and full of promises. Every second person searching for SEO companies or services in search engines.

In olden days SEO means stuffing meta tags with keywords, but in today’s world it is entirely different. Nowadays SEO becomes  too complicated because of Google’s search algorithms.

Main factors of SEO are quality content. The content you provide on your website should be unusual, if you use duplicate content, it will be considered as spam according to the Google’s Panda algorithm. Quality content is not only the important  factor there are few other factors you should concentrate on. The Content you create should also be shared in social networking sites.

You should also concentrate on advertising if you advertise in same websites in more number search engines will penalize your site.

Keyword stuffing is another factor. Keyword stuffing means adding more keywords in the webpage to get ranking in Google search pages. Many people  use keywords repeatedly to gain ranking, but it is considered as  Black hat SEO techniques.

Many people spend more and more money in Search engines. Search engines love SEO this is the main reason why SEO exists till today. Search engines may provide many rules and algorithms for SEO but they still encourage SEO.

Search engines support you in SEO if you provide quality content and backlinks. By providing quality links and content you are indirectly working for search engines. Quality content and backlinks to help you in gaining high rankings.

If  Google releases any algorithm SEO world believes that SEO IS DEAD. After the release of these algorithms you may stop paying for SEO analyst,  but as long people fabricate content or data SEO won’t die.

First, you have to prepare SEO planning before you start with SEO.

  1. On-page and off-page optimization
  2. Keyword research
  3. Back link analysis
  4. Link building
  5. Quality content

These are main SEO planning you should concentrate on.  SEO is eternal  till the human stops creating content.

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