Open source CMS platforms

Open source CMS platforms

CMS is a Content Management System that helps the user to edit or manage the content on the website of his/her own.
Some of the open source CMS platforms are:

 WordPress
 Joomla
 Drupal
 Silverstripe
 Express engine


One of the best and popular open source CMS is WordPress. WordPress was initially released on 27 May 2003. The latest WordPress version was 4.1.1. There are many plugins and themes available for WordPress. It provides a User-friendly dashboard for managing content. After the arrival of version 3.0 WordPress is considered as “best blogging platform”. WordPress is popular open source CMS that is used by more than 60 million websites. WordPress is SEO friendly.


Joomla is one of the open source CMS used for publishing content on the web. Joomla was initially released on 17 August 2005. Joomla is considered as an award-winning content management system. The latest version of Joomla is 3.3.6. Joomla was used by more than 200,000 users and contributors. There are more add-ons and plugins for joomla.Joomla has more than 7000 extensions. Joomla is easy to install but it is not easy as WordPress.


Drupal was initially released on January 2001. The latest version of Drupal is 7.31. Drupal is used as a back-end framework. It is easy to install on any web server and it is flexible. Drupal is developer friendly. Drupal runs on any platform that supports server running on PHP and a database. Many companies provide commercial support to Drupal. It is developer friendly, but it takes slow loading times.


SilverStripe is a free and open source CMS. SilverStripe is considered as a framework for creating and maintaining a web application and websites. The latest version of SilverStripe was 3.1.9 January 2015. SilverStripe is considered as a long-lasting development community and it can be downloaded more than 350,000 times. SilverStripe core is named as SilverStripe framework.

Express engine is a powerful content management system. It is flexible in nature. Many web professionals choose express engine in order to get succeed on the web. The site can be designed in an express engine without any restrictions. It provides commercial support. The disadvantage of express engine is higher cost for commercial sites.

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