What are the types of ads in google adsense?

What are the types of ads in google adsense?


Google Adsense is the service provided by  google.Adsense scheme was launched in 2003.Adsense is the  simple way to earn money by displaying advertisements on  websites.These advertisements will be reviewed by many people before listing it to websites. People reviewing the ads will consider many factors, mainly the quality of ads displaying on the website. Ads displaying on websites will be usually relevant to the websites.

Some website administrators make more effort  to increase their Adsense income.There are some types of Adsense  namely:

  1.       Adsense  for content
  2.       Adsense for feeds
  3.       Adsense  for search
  4.       Adsense for mobile content
  5.       Adsense for video

Adsense for content:

Adsense for content is a simple way for all size website administrators to display ads on website and earn money. These Adsense for content is based on targeting CPM and CPC.CPM means cost-per-impression and CPC means cost-per-click.

Adsense for feeds:

Google Adsense for feeds means adding images into the fields. This helps the publishers to gain money by displaying google adverts on their feeds.Google and website publisher will share the money.

Adsense for search:

In Adsense for search the ads displayed will be relevant to the search terms searched by the users.It provides customization of look and feel,monetization of search result pages with targeted ads and choosing the content that user search.

Adsense for mobile content:

Adsense for mobile allows issuing  to get profits from their mobile web pages using targeted Google advertisements. If you have a mobile website that supports WAP and I-mode to internet access Adsense will be very useful for  you.

Adsense for video:

Adsense for video helps you to produce web-based video content. In Google Adsense, video Interactive media adverts SDK is used. This is the extension of adobe action script 3. To display video advertisements many video publishers use this technology. These are the steps how these videos for Adsense will work:

  •   First the ads will be displayed as static images  when a user visits the image, we count this as an advertising impression
  •   The video will play if the user snaps the button.
  •   If the user snaps the advertisement when it is playing it will move to the website page and it will considered as a click.