What is the use of matrimonial web portals?

What is the use of matrimonial web portals?

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrate on earth, everyone agrees. Marriage is very important in everyone’s life. In these worlds of the latest trends and fashion everything we need in online such as ticket reservation, shopping then why not marriage?

In the past days parents were searching for a best agents and give the details about his son or daughter. But now it is easy to search for a son-in-law or daughter-in-law through online. These sites have huge databases of groom and brides. The members in the site can found various profiles across the world.

You can easily register on matrimonial websites. Some sites provide free membership some provide both free and paid memberships. If you want your friend or relation to get married you can register instead of  them. In order to register on matrimonial website you should be of marriageable age as per the law, i.e. for brides over 18 or above and for groom over 21 or above.


registration form

registration form


By filling the above form, you can register on the matrimonial websites easily. You will also receive email notifications from  matrimonial websites about the profile that match your profiles.

Some of the matrimonial websites are:

  • Shaadi matrimony
  • Bharatmatrimony
  • Jeevansathi
  • Rishtaa

Bharat matrimony provides other services such as assisted matrimony and elite matrimony. Assisted matrimony  for busy professionals who need assistance in finding the match. Relationship manager helps them to find them best match. Elite matrimony looks for matrimonial alliances for wealthy families.

Bharat matrimony provides mobile apps so that you can search and contact your matches anytime from your mobile. Bharat matrimony provides matrimonial websites in many languages such as Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Hindi etc..

Some advantages of matrimonial websites are:

  • You can find your partner with your caste and community itself.
  • Online matrimonial sites help the people to browse many profiles.
  • Privacy of your profiles.
  • They provide the freedom to search and communicate with their choice.
  • People can easily contact with their match through online chat.

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