What is Video Marketing?

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing means using videos to promote our brand or products. By using videos  the business associates can explain more about the products or service. Many companies include their videos into their websites as well as social media’s in order to make their product or service popularized. This helps them to gain more customers.

Video marketing helps in increasing your search engine rankings. By promoting your videos in social media’s such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter you can create more awareness about  your products or service. You can also submit your videos in the following sites, namely Vimeo, Daily motion and more .  The Main benefit of these submission sites are it is free of cost. The Main thing about  promoting video in social media is it will be shared quickly and popularized.

Everyone can create a video, but it should be a qualitative manner. A well designed video will gain high. While creating video you have to consider a few things.

  1.      The Video you create should be less than 4 minutes.
  2.      Creating rich video snippets.
  3.      Videos you create should have an introduction and conclusion.

A study shows that search results with video has higher clicks than content.  Videos makes the people to stick to your web page.  Videos  designed can contain more images rather than text.  Infographics can also be used. It helps the user to understand the information clearly and quickly. People like to spend a few minutes to video rather than reading an article taking more than 10 minutes. As per marketing study visitors will spend 100% time in the page containing videos compared to the page containing the text.

A Keyword is an another important strategy, we have to think of keywords and title you choose for your video should be relevant to the video. Search engine first index the title if the title is web designing and the video is about  job portal  means it will be irrelevant. Whenever we choose title we should be careful and title should be catchy.

We should provide the comment option and share option in the video. Share helps the users to share the video and have benefited from it. Comments help us to correct our mistakes or else to interact with our  users.

By this way video marketing helps you to make your brand and service popular.

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