Google panda 4.2

Google panda 4.2

The Google panda update was introduced in 2011 which was mainly for poor quality content on a website. Google panda 4.2 update is slowly rolling out. Google panda 4.2 is not update it is a refresh.

Panda 4.2 is rolling out slowly due to some technical reasons. Rollout means those who got affected by panda update last time can improve their search position this time if they corrected their mistakes. Panda is updated from time-to-time.

Websites that escaped last time will be caught this time. So before you get penalty replace duplicate content with unique content.

Google says panda 4.2 update is a relatively small update because it affects only 2 to 3 percentage of English language searches which is low comparing to last update. Last update was on September 2014 affected 3 to 5 search positions.

Business depend on search traffic should concentrate more on  panda update because it will lead to drop in rankings and negative effect on search traffic.

Though panda update has been officially launched website owners need to check their website for any negative or positive impact on their website. Many people say panda update has been rolled out very slowly.

Search engine land interviewed Google on the latest panda update below to follow the question and answers from Google about panda update.

What’s new with this panda update?

This panda update is rolling out slowly than ever, it takes several months rather than a few days.

Why this update going slowly?

This update is rolling out slowly due to technical reasons.

How I will know if I have escaped from panda update?

If your site has been hit by current panda update you have to wait till the entire update roll out is done. Google analytics is one of the best way to check whether your site has been escaped from panda update or not.

What should I do to improve my website?

Google told the same advice that they gave in 2011 that the website content should be quality content and it is the main factor of rankings.

These are the questions answered by Google about panda update 4.2.

If you want your site to be escaped from panda 4.2 please check your website content and remove the duplicate content and replace it with original content.

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