Planning SEO success in 2016

Planning SEO success in 2016

A 2015 report by Smart Insights demonstrated that 50 percent of organizations investing in digital marketing had no type of planning or strategy.
Columnist Marcus Miller shares some of the points about strategic planning. He says about the quote that is very important for strategy from the book “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

“Strategy without Tactics is the slowest route to Victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

In this quote he explains that without a detailed plan, there is no benefit of strategy. If we apply digital marketing tactics like SEO, PPC it will lead to excessive costs with poor results.

Columnist Marcus Miller says, about some models and methodologies for digital marketing planning. This methods helps the business associates to improve their strategy and boost their digital campaigns.

This type of marketing methodology was developed by PR Smith.

In this name SOSTAC the first letter S denotes the Situation analysis, which explains about which stage we are in the market. (Where are we now?)
O denotes about the objective that is about our objective of digital marketing. (Where do we want to get to?)
S says about the strategy that explains about ”How we get there?”
T explains about the Tactics.
A explains about Actions that is System, Process, Guidelines and Checklists.
C denotes about the Control that is Measurements and metrics.

These are the points about the SOSTAC methodologies. He also says that these queries are very important in the super-high level.

Next method or model is about RACE

RACE is also a main planning system for Digital Marketing which denotes about Reach, Act, Convert and Engage.
There is also an additional method that is “Plan”.

Planning Stage explains about the strategy and actions. This stage is similar to SOSTAC method in many ways.

To reach our clients, we need to be visible in search engines, blogs, social media etc. We can reach our clients through search engine using SEO and PPC and by posting the content on the websites where our customer reside is the main way to reach our valuable clients.

Act is the main process to induce our website visitors to move to the next step and get in touch with us. This includes downloading the form or subscribing to our newsletter. Many users don’t interact with the business websites so it is important to find out why this happens? By using the Google Analytics tool we can review our website errors or problems.

This is a place where we start our journey with customers. This is the primary step. In this stage our website visitors are converted into the sales lead.

At this stage we need to build a stable relationship with our customers. We should keep in touch with our customers through mail or social shares.

These are the methods and methodologies to improve digital marketing and business.

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