Web designing vs Web development

Web designing vs Web development

Many people will be having confusion in web designing and web development. These both term are not same and it is different from one other. Web design means adding graphic design principles to the website or web page whereas web development means developing web applications.

Web design is fully based on the creativity of the website designer. Web developer should know about the programming language. There may be various web developers. Some fond of  HTML some  fond of PHP.  It is very rare to find out the developers with all the programming skill.

Various areas of web design are interface design,user experience design,  graphic design etc.. A good web design should attract the user or customer at single view.Web design is the front-end of the website and Web development is the back-end of the website.

Web  designing is focused on  look and feel of a web pages or website whereas  web development means work  done in inner part of the website. Web designing is created using HTML, CSS etc..  Web development is done using  programming languages using PHP, C, Ruby etc..

There are certain principles for web designing  such as balance, contrast and consistency etc.. Web developers also known as programmers.  Web developers use more advanced and latest  technologies such as content management system(CMS) and Joomla to help the  website administrators to maintain and update the site easily.

Website is of two types namely Static and Dynamic. Static website is also known as flat page or stationary page. Static website cannot be updated by everyone. The one who have knowledge about web development alone can access this type of website. Dynamic websites contain complex code compared to static website. The content in the dynamic websites can be updated by the client-side as well as server-side scripting.

Static website can be converted in to dynamic website with the help of  image and content sliders and other elements.Web design also includes the creation of graphics, logos and FLASH.

Web designers are called as right-brained workers whereas web developers are called as left-brained workers.

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