What are Black hat SEO and White hat SEO techniques?

What are Black hat SEO and White hat SEO techniques?

When it comes in the SEO market generally webmasters use two types of techniques, namely white hat SEO technique and black hat SEO technique lets have a brief look at these below


v  Black hat SEO

v  White hat SEO


Black hat SEO also known as Unethical  SEO. In search engine optimization Black hat is referred as using competitive keywords to gain more ranking in search engine pages in an unethical manner. Black hat SEO will not obey the guidelines  given by search engines. They focus only on search engines not on user. Black hat SEO  uses the following techniques to gain ranking in search pages:

  • Keyword stuffing.
  • Doorway page
  • Adding invisible text.


Keyword stuffing means adding more keywords to the content in order to gain top rank in search engine pages.Black hat experts will repeatedly use keywords in the content so that their page will be in the top rank.


Doorway page means creating  fake pages to get more rank in search engine pages.These pages will be created only for search engines and not for users who using it.


In search engine optimization adding invisible text means adding the links to other websites in the white color text in the white background so it cannot be viewed manually and it gain them top rank in search engine pages.



White hat techniques, also known as ethical SEO. White hat techniques focus only on users and not on search engines. They follow guidelines given by search engines. White hat uses the following techniques in order to avoid getting a penalty from search engines and the techniques are followed:


Keywords are also called as private words. It helps the website to gain good rank in search engines.Keywords play important role in white hat SEO.

 Link building:

Link building is the process where we exchange links with other website to increase your website backlinks.


A backlink is also called as inbound link. Backlink is a hyperlink that links from a web page to your own web page. Google always will consider a web page with more backlinks.

Link popularity:

Link popularity is used in describing a utility of a webpage.computation is based on the quality backlink used in your site.

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