What is a press release and how to frame it?

What is a press release and how to frame it?

Press release is also known as news releases. A press release is mainly designed to make an announcement.  Press release is used by the companies to inform about the events  that happened in the companies. These events are informed to public through  fax, magazines and email. Press release helps the company to share the company information to the public through media’s. Usage of a press release is more common in public relations. Press release announces  news such as  personal promotions, awards, scheduled events, sales and services. Press releases can help you in gaining rankings quickly.



Elements of press release

Elements of press release


Title of the press release should not exceed more than 100 characters. The Title should contain keywords in it.


There should be a brief description about the press release in two or three sentences. These descriptions should contain keywords with minimum density. There should not be keyword stuffing.


The Body of the description should be related to the subject. The Description should be of 300 characters in length.


There should  be a  short description about the company. Link should be given to the company’s home page.


A person should be nominated in the company to have contact with the media. Name, address, email  and website should be collected.

Some of the press release sites are:


  • Improvement of visibility for your keywords in search engines.
  • Backlinks from various sites helps you to gain good ranking for your website.
  • Press release submission is less expensive.
  • Good press release will be spread  world wide.

Press releases  you design, also can include images, audio and video to attract more customers. Your press releases can be also be added to your business based niche directories.

You can also use your press release, in other ways. Create a  press center on your website and publish your websites there. You can also send your press releases to your customers.

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