What is email marketing and how it helps to improve your business?

What is email marketing and how it helps to improve your business?

Email marketing means sending messages to groups of people using emails. With the help of email marketing we can send advertisements, request donations etc. Email marketing is performed by compiling a database from selling list or from the current customer database. With this email marketing we can convince our clients to buy our brand so that it will yield in good profit to us. There are different types of email marketing namely:

  •       Email Newsletter
  •       Digest
  •       Dedicated mail
  •       Lead Nurturing
  •       Sponsorship emails
  •       Transactional emails


Email newsletter means form of information letter and newspaper. The Email newsletter is also called as e-newsletter or eNewsletter.  Newsletters are used by the company or website owners to communicate with their readers. Some organizations add their blogs in newsletters to increase their popularity among newsletter subscribers.


Email newsletter will have contents in it, but email digests will have brief information in it and it will also contain links in it. The Email digests format is easy to design, hence it keeps time.


Dedicated mail is also known as “Stand-alone”emails. Dedicated emails are one of the fastest tools that a company can use. These mails are easy to frame. In dedicated emails it is no need of including graphic elements. It is efficient in quick tracking.


Lead nurturing is the cognitive process of building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy. There are six types of emails every business or company should use namely:

  •       Emails that educate
  •       Emails that get you  two connected
  •       Emails that offer you offers
  •       Emails that help them improve
  •       Emails that re-engage
  •       Emails that are personal

These messages are broadcast automatically as you schedule. This takes out high gain with low investment. Lead nurturing provides right messages to the correct individual at the correct time.


If you want new customers or audience you want to try sponsorship emails. They help us in reaching our objective .If you want space in other company newsletter or emails you can use sponsorship emails as a pay-per-click or as advertisements.


Transactional mail is the mail sent to an individual while you are creating new mail id you will receive welcome mails from the company it is called as transactional mail. Transactional mail is known for its simplicity. This mail is also called as one-to-one mail.  Transactional mails will be received when you process the following:

  •   Sign up for new mail id or site.
  •   The Rate for the items you purchased.