What is Responsive web design ?

What is Responsive web design ?

Responsive website design means crafting a website to fit into various devices like desktops, Laptops, mobiles and tablets without losing its quality.

In todays web design point of view Responsive web design is most important. Usage of Tablets and smart phone are extremely enhanced in todays world. Most of the web site gets visitors from tablets and smart phones thus it’s essential that the web site have to be mobile friendly.

Mobile friendly web site is very important in SEO aspects.

Many factors we should take care while designing a website responsive such as Screen-size, Pixel-resolution etc..

Why Responsive web design?

  •   SEO benefits
  •   Better usability
  •   Reach more audience
  •   Google loves responsive
  •   Cost Effective.


Responsive web design helps you increase sales and also to generate more traffic. By creating an website that fits to multiple devices, responsive web design helps in optimizing your content. URL structure is same in all devices.


Responsive design helps your visitor to view your website from the devices they have. Responsive web design provides the same quality in all the devices.


Many reports showed that nowadays people using mobile and tablets are increased much. Many people look out their mobiles or tablets for the local information.


Google is the main search engine most of the website designers trying to impress, so it is important to design a website what the major search engine loves. Google recommends the website designers to design the site that is responsive.


Responsive web design no need of different content and different URL, So it will save the money and time to develop the responsive web design. Main advantage clients find in responsive web design is it is easy to maintain a single website.

Responsive design helps your website, standalone from your competitor’s website. With the help of responsive web design you can increase your conversion rates.

Advantages of RWD:

  1.   Single site management
  2.   Connected to the latest trend
  3.   Reduces scrolling and zooming
  4.   Smooth Navigation.

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