What’s new in Twitter and Facebook for 2015?

What’s new in Twitter and Facebook for 2015?

Twitter has quite recently rolled out the greatest improvement since its development. The company has added a new update to its app, i.e., Moments.

Twitter has been founded on 21st March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams. According to the record, Twitter has more than 500 million users and 302 members are active among them.
Now Twitter announced its permanent CEO would be Jack Dorsey. Twitter is famous for its Bird Logo. From June 2012 Twitter is using this bird Logo.

Tweets are openly noticeable by default, Twitter users can also subscribe for other users tweets this subscription is called as “Following” and the subscribers called as “Followers”.

Twitter announced its new app update called Moments. This is the new button in the official app. This button helps the users to follow with TV shows, sports and other events.

When you click into a moment button, you’ll begin seeing a full-screen experience that consolidates tweets, recordings, Vines and GIFs into a single perspective.

Every moment is a curated perspective of an occasion of a various individuals so you can encounter it without expecting to follow individual accounts. Every Moment shows you the length at the screen’s base, so you know how much further to go before coming to the end, and you can share the entire thing in a tweet when you get the end.

Rather than following individual accounts or people for any event or game, another follow button will show up which adds relevant tweets to your main timeline as the event unfolds. Currently Moments are launching for everyone on desktop, Android and iPhone.

Now let us see about Facebook new invention. In the September founder of Facebook announced that the Facebook team has been working for a new Like button. Not by adding Dislike button, but by adding various emotions like Wow, sad, Love, laughter, happiness, angry and like button.

The image below is about the new Like buttons.

Facebook new like buttons

Facebook announced that this pop-up feature will be first launched in Spain and Ireland, before it chooses whether to change it and/or how to move it out further.

These sets of emoticons will work on both Mobile and desktop versions. But up to today there is no plan in launching these emoticons in messenger or other Facebook owned products.

While using Facebook in mobile, when you touch the like button these emoticons will come up. In desktop they will come up while you hover the mouse over the like button.

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