What is google webmaster tools and its uses?

What is google webmaster tools and its uses?

Google Webmaster tools are supplied by google In order to preserve your site’s presence in search engines.With the assistance of webmaster tool we can distinguish the issues with our site and we can also detect whether the site is regarded by any malware. The web site should always be updated. Updating the site regularly will keep the site without spam and malware issues.

Before you access any data in your website google have to verify that we are the authorized user of the website. Google webmaster tool verifies the user by following five steps.

  •       The HTML file upload
  •       HTML tag
  •       Domain name provider
  •       Google analytics
  •       Google tag manager.

After verifying you can log in and access your webmaster tool. The webmaster tool consists of Site dashboard this shows information  about the messages we receive from google.Site dashboard provides information about how many pages  are indexed by google from our website and the number of impressions and clicks for our website.

Main tabs in webmaster tools

  1. Site messages
  2. Data highlighter
  3. Site links
  4. Search traffic
  5. Index status
  6. Crawl status
  7. Other resources

The information about these tabs are explained clearly below

Site messages

Site messages are the place where a webmaster will communicate with administrators. In site messages we have information if any of our pages on the website is affected by any malware of any spam issues.

Data highlighter

Data highlighter helps google to find out the important points without the code. With the help of data highlighter we can easily tag each field.HTML improvement  will show if there is any errors in Title and Description tags.Description should be unique and it should be between 130-160 characters and Title should be between 60-70 characters.

Site links

Site links are automatically generated links. In site links  if we want to withdraw any link from our website copy the URL and paste it in site link and press demote so that the link will be removed from our website.

Search traffic

It consists of search queries,links to your site,internal links,manual actions and international targeting.In search queries we can find out by which keyword users visit our website, we can also find impressions and clicks.Links to your site shows which domain links more to our website.Internal links help in finding out  the internal links on our website.Manual actions mean, if any SEO tool usage is wrong on our website there will be message from google.International targeting means from which country our target users of our website.

Index status

Google index consists of Index status,Content keywords and remove URL’S.Index status shows the details about total pages indexed by search engines.Content keywords means keywords used in the description.Remove URL can be used in the case when we are not using a robots.txt creation.

Crawl status

Crawl consists of crawl errors,crawl stats,fetch as google,robots.txt tester,Sitemaps and URL parameters. In crawl error, we can find errors that google finds from the website. This provides information about how fast the user can read pages from your web site.Here you can view  your website pages as google viewing.Robots.txt tester is used to edit the tester and check for any errors in it.Security issues provide information if your site is affected by any virus or malware.

Other resources

At last is other resources  this consists of structure data testing tool,structure data markup helper,Email  markup tester,google places,google merchant tester,page speed insights and custom search.Structure data testing tool help to test the schema implementations.If we use structured data markup helper in webmaster it will add star ratings,review on our website.But these resources are used outside google web toolkit.