Google Increases Title and Description Length

Google Increases Title and Description Length

Google keeps monitoring on their system to provide you the best results. Google keep applying A/B testing and check which test are the most suitable and advantageous for users and as well as search engines. Recently Google has made a change in search result page by expanding the length of titles and descriptions.

Let us discuss now,


Generally, the title tag length is minimum 30 and maximum 60 characters. The new title length is 70 characters before Google truncate the titles with ellipses(…) when it exceeds more than the limit.

It increases up to 10-15 characters. May be it can go up to 71 characters depending upon the words, since l,i are small characters.

Depending upon the length of the words we can add 2-4 words additionally to the title tag. By this change, sites can happily use long tail title tag by adding descriptive words on it. And also Google has exceeds the length of the mobile titles from about 55-60 characters to 78 characters.

Now, the mobile titles length is bigger than the desktop titles about 7-8 characters. Before, the search container pixels is about 512 and now it became 600 pixels. usually Google measures by the pixels and not by characters for search results and title length.

we should make sure whether our title is within the specified limit of characters for better results.

How would be the titles and descriptions look at desktop?



At the same time, description length also changed up to three lines, 16-20 characters  per line. the new description length per line is 100 characters. But before the description length is minimum 130 and maximum 160 characters.

And also, on mobile the description length exceeds. In desktop the description length is up to 278 characters. But, in mobile the length is up to 200 characters only. Title tags on mobile is longer than the desktop but, Still description length on desktop is longer than the mobile.

By extending the length of titles and descriptions will provide more information about search result. As per the SEO guidelines, you can concentrate on long tail keywords in title tag and as well as you can produce detailed information about the websites or according to the business etc. It can bring the more visitors to your website.

How would be the titles and descriptions look at mobile?


By reading this, finally you all thinking to implement these changes on title tag and description, just wait up to Google announces it changes officially because this may be a test and Google may reverse at any time.

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