How to rank for many Keywords with a single page

How to rank for many Keywords with a single page

Targeting many keywords within a single page, that page should rank in a search engine is not an easy thing until we proceed with SEO friendly strategies. Yeah, but we can make it possible to rank many keywords on a single page by using SEO friendly strategies.

Let us discuss the How to rank for many Keywords within a single page,

The First thing is to go to Google AdWords, click on tools analysis and then click on keyword planner. Then click on search for keyword and ad group ideas and put your specific multiple keywords into this box. Select high search volume keywords according to your page. And then start to optimize your page by using these keywords which you had found. After, incorporate all these keywords into your title tag without over optimizing.




A mistake lot of people do is that, when they targeting multiple keywords for the single page, they use to do like this very, very common. It’s include repeat and repeated again, it’s not only bad for SEO but also it gives very low click through rate. So, include all keywords in the same title without over optimizing.

Next prepare for a description tag, which should include what people search for the query which related to your targeting keywords so, they can click through to this Meta description to your page. The Meta description should contain all of the keywords that you are targeting.

Next switch to the content of the page, in that, include your targeted keywords and make a content. Highlight all of your targeted keywords and use H2 tags in the content paragraphs that is very important because Google concentrates on more at H2 tags content in the paragraph tag.

These will form the subheadings for the paragraph and prepare the subheadings by using what, why, how like these words. And write the content which explains about the keywords. In that, you will include subheadings, right? As you write. Include some of the keywords into the content without over optimizing.

Now coming to the conclusion, you can target your multiple keywords on a single page and optimize your page as I discussed above. Optimization is great, as it will build the page’s rankings, while over-optimization is awful, as it can produce precisely the opposite results.

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